In winter 1978, when Joseph “Pepe Loco” Greely arrived to Tulum , he dreamed having a small hotel/hostel in that paradaise. It was until 1989 that he made his dream come true, buying the land where Rancho Tranquilo is located. In winter 1992, he officially moved to Tulum, driving his motorhome all the way from the USA.

Rancho Tranquilo has been since then, a very familiar, friendly and adventurous place in the middle of the Mexican Riviara Maya. Pepe Loco has lots of fishing stories on his past, and he will always be happy to tell them to you.

Rancho Tranquilo is a family operated hotel/hostel, where you can relax, enjoy, and visit all what Tulum and Riviera Maya area offers you. Come relax in our beautiful gardens, used the communal kitchen, enjoy our included breakfast, and be part of our story.
This getaway is the right place for any traverler’s affordable accomodation needs, it is also a great place to meet other travelers and exchange stories and experiences and cultures.
Come visit the Riviera Maya with us!

We offer:

  • Cabañas
  • Casitas
  • Dormitorios
  • Hammocks
  • Rooms with bathroom or with common bathroom


  • Breakfast included: Pancakes and coffee or tea
  • Fully equipped kitchen you can use
  • Outdoor BBQ place
  • Lending library
  • Living room with TV
  • Beautiful gardens
  • Wifi included



Quiet, comfortable, lush surroundings- just a great experience.
So there is some bias, as I have returned to this property more than 12 times over 8 years. They have something for every budget, cabanas, dormitory and miniature casita houses that can sleep up to 5 people (two kings and a single bed). Every year this location makes improvements to the property. Free breakfast every morning makes waking up to very easy. The owner has deep roots with locals and can guide you to the right locations for the best pricing. There is a place to refill your bottle water for just 10 pesos for up to 2 liters. Great main lounging area, full kitchen and refrigerator available, for longer stays they have cable tv also.
Room Tip: if you have a group- the casitas houses are the best.
Dan W., June 2015

Amazing time at Rancho Tranquilo.
This incredibly charming property is such an authentic Mexican experience! It is THE best place to stay in Tulum Mexico, in our opinion. Here’s why: 2 blocks to town, 5 minute drive to beaches and the Mayan ruins. The accommodations are lovely, clean, and tastefully appointed, but also so incredibly affordable, leaving you the cash to spend on fine dining, tours of the ruins, scuba diving or whatever your pleasure. PLEASE DO NOT expect the blandly “American” and generic experience that the all-inclusives offer. We are people who enjoy comfort, but also have an interest in mixing with the culture. At Rancho Tranquilo, we really felt like we were a part of Mexico. The overall feel of the place is an eco-travel space, with people from all over the world, Europe, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, who mix and mingle under the palm trees, mango trees, papaya trees, and many other naturally grown fruit trees. Amazing food, friendly community setting and the best time we have ever had in Tulum. We will definitely go back! Highly recommend.
Julee, April 2014

The hostel grounds are beautiful… it is full of gardens and exotic plants, there are lounging areas, the kitchen and common areas are nice, includes a pancake breakfast with coffee, and the staff is very friendly. The facilities are super basic and all of the bathrooms are shared. It is located in the town of Tulum and close to shops and restaurants, but a cab or bike ride to the beach area is necessary.
Fetspot, February 2015

Great experience.
Very clean, perfect location, great prices for high end and low end stays. Showers, fans, everything you need even a place for Internet
The staff are friendly and can give you tips for places to check out during your stay.
I had an awesome time there and would go back again for sure!
Sean, April 2015